Royal Anniversary: Birth of Princess Grace of Monaco

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November 12th, 1929

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The iconic Grace Kelly was born on November 12th, 1929 in Philadelphia. Her father was the Irish-American John B. Kelly, Sr, who was also known as ‘Jack’, and her mother Margaret Katherine Majer, who was of German decent. The young Grace Kelly had a strict Roman Catholic upbringing with her siblings – Margaret, John and Lizanne.

Prior to her marriage into the Princely Family of Monaco, Grace Kelly had an impressive movie career in the 1950s, with a string of hit movies such as High Noon, Rear Window and Dial M for Murder.

In 1954, she won an Academy Award for her role as Georgie Elgin in The Country Girl; while her last movie prior to her marriage was High Society with Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra. In 1956, Grace married Prince Rainier III of Monaco after a short romance. Their wedding still captivates many to this day.

Following her marriage Grace was styled Her Serene Highness The Princess of Monaco, but was better known as Princess Grace.

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6 Responses to Royal Anniversary: Birth of Princess Grace of Monaco

  1. Father Andrew L. J. James, Ph.D. says:

    Your article reminded me of a correction of material printed in the Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch. A reporter referred to Her Serene Highness Princess Stephane and her husband, the Duke of Hannover, as “Mr. and Mrs. Hanover.” (Note that he also misspelled “Hannover.”)

    “Each of them, separately is ‘Serene Highness’. Together, they are ‘Their Serene Highnesses’. NEVER Mr. and Mrs.”

    He responded “How do you know this?”

    “It is common knowledge,” I answered.

    You’d be surprised at what is not “common.”

  2. I must address the inaccuracy of the above post: The princess in question is Princess Caroline, not Stephanie.

  3. Grace Kelly! Never forgotten! One of the most gracious, dignified and beautiful actresses. She was born already as a Princess. Together with Audrey Hepburn my two favorite personages.
    It is a pitty none of her children or grandchildren looked like her, nor even resembled her in their daily life as she always was. She will be always remembered.

  4. Cheryl says:

    Pardon -Father Andrew-Princess Caroline is married to the Duke-not her sister-

  5. There isn’t to many Americans that marry a prince, Grace Kelly of Philadelpha and Queen Noor of Washington, DC who became Queen of Jordan, actress Rita Haywood married a Khan from Iran. Our mothers told us to find a prince these girls did.

  6. pmzq says:

    Actually they are TRH (Their Royal Highnesses) as Caroline’s husband is known as HRH Prince of Hannover, and Hannover is the correct German spelling. He is a Royal Highness because his ancestor was a King. Caroline of course is a Royal Highness because she is his wife.

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