How much for cutlery designed by a Prince? Quite alot!

  March 28, 2009 at 3:32 am by

Click to see the images at Belga

Click to see the images at Belga

In a press conference yesterday, Prince Carl Philip introduced a line of silvery cutlery he has design for the Swedish company Mema/GAB.

The cutlery line, which has been named CPB 2091, is made of silver and a set of five pieces (knife, fork, spoon, dessert spoon, coffee spoon) can be purchased from goldsmith stores around Sweden for 999 Swedish kroner (approximately 95 Euros).

The Prince, who studied design at the Rhode Island School of Design in the US and the Forsberg Studio in Sweden, said of his designs, “It’s been a fantastic challenge and I am really proud of the result.”

Click here to read more about Carl Philip’s cutlery.

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One Response to How much for cutlery designed by a Prince? Quite alot!

  1. Laurentiius says:

    That’s real value! If,indeed it’s “made of silver” as stated in the article and not “silver plated.” We just bought silver a plated 5 piece service for 139 Euros, from France, 40 micron silver plated (made in India).
    In America, 95 Euros, buys one a silver fork.
    I would have preferred to have had this service to pass down in the family.;-)

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