Camilla Greeted by her Grandsons on a Visit to Marlborough

  October 20, 2012 at 3:12 pm by

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The Duchess of Cornwall visited Marlborough, Wiltshire, as part of the ongoing Diamond Jubilee tours. During her visit, she unveiled a 10ft long mosaic – part of the town’s local history exhibition – which was designed by local children. The Duchess also had a guided tour of the prison cells at Marlborough Town Hall, which she described as “spooky”.

A 200-strong crowd had gathered to greet the Duchess. Delighted, Camilla approached the people and spent several minutes talking to them.

Camilla with Gus and Louis

She received a posy from ten-year-old Josephine Vergera who was overwhelmed by the honour. Josephine said: “I was very nervous but when I curtsied the words just came out. I said, these are for you, Your Royal Highness.”

But the most pleasurable part of the engagement was undoubtedly meeting her own grandsons, three-year-old twins Gus and Louis; Camilla’s daughter, Laura Lopez, lives locally and had come to the town hall with the boys. They didn’t go empty-handed too: while the Duchess was talking to the crowds, Lisa Hudson, manager of a local cake shop, presented her with some Halloween cakes for her grandchildren.

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  1. Father Andrew L. J. James, Ph.D. says:

    Can the Duchess of Cornwall ever be queen? Any other discussion is pretending things are not as things are.

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