Wedding Festivities Kick Off in Luxembourg

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Festivities to mark the marriage of Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume to Countess Stéphanie de Lannoy have begun in Luxembourg today. The couple has attended a reception hosted by the government ahead of their civil wedding ceremony, which will take place at 15:30 local time (in around two hours time).

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The reception was held at the Grand Théâtre de la Villa, and was attended by members of the government, members of various youth associations around Luxembourg, and citizens of Luxembourg who share their birthdays with the bridal couple – November 11, 1981 and February 18, 1984. Guillaume and Stéphanie arrived at 11:00 for the reception, and were greeted by the Minister for Family Affairs, Marie-Josee Jacobs. The Countess, wearing a maroon skirt suit with a deep pink shawl, was presented with a bouquet of flowers by a member of the Student National Council, Serena Boulkemoun.

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Guillaume and Stéphanie spent two and a half hours mingling with the guests, and the Hereditary Grand Duke made a speech during the event, before the couple headed off to prepare for the civil ceremony.

As for what the guests will be wearing for the two ceremonies, Belgian fashion house NATAN has also published a press release announcing which royal guests will be wearing NATAN outfits over the weekend. They include Grand Duchess Maria Teresa, Princess Alexandra and Princess Tessy, Queen Paola, Princess Mathilde and Princess Claire of Belgium, Princess Máxima of the Netherlands and Archduchess Marie-Astrid of Austria.

Still no word on who has designed the bride’s civil and religious wedding outfits though.

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  1. natalya says:

    Happy life to a new Royal family !

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