Queen Sofia’s Audiences

  March 26, 2009 at 12:18 pm by

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Today the Queen of Spain met with Mary Ellen Iskenderian, chairwoman of Women’s World Banking, and Jennifer Nkuene Riria, General Director of Kenya Women’s Finance Trust.

Both ladies are in Spain for the “La microfinanciación en África y Asia” (Micro Funding in Africa and Asia) international conference, hosted by the Casa Africa and Casa Asia. The conference will tackle the role of the enterprising women who have successfully directed institutions dedicated to microfunding in Asia and Africa.

Casa África and Casa Asia began a project about microfunding more than a year ago and started it with a series of conferences about the evolution of microcredit development and putting value on Asian and African women. The conference was presided by the Queen and inaugurated by Nobel Peace Prize winner Professor Muhammad Yunus.

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