Sheikha Mozah Registers As An Organ Donor

  August 13, 2012 at 9:00 am by

Sheikha Mozah, who is patron of Qatar’s organ donation and transplantation organisation, has visited the Qatar Organ Donation Centre at the Hamad Medical Corporation.

During her visit, Sheikha Moza met with organ donors and recipients of transplanted organs who shared their experience and how the program changed their lives. Sheikha Mozah, along with the dignitaries accompanying her, added their names to the donation list.

Sheikha Mozah said, “The Qatar Organ Donation Centre is dedicated to the promotion of organ donations and the maintaining of a national donor register.” She went on saying, “Our aim in Qatar is to become self-sufficient as a country and every single one of us must reflect seriously, as our religious duty demands, on how we can play a part in this effort.”

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One Response to Sheikha Mozah Registers As An Organ Donor

  1. theresa egan says:

    what a selfless and beautiful gesture sheikha mozah has done. i too became an organ donor a year ago, and one of the proudest days for me was when i signed my card and became a registered donor. i carry one of the donor cards in my wallet and love to see it therein front whever i open my wallet. organ donation is the highest form of love one can give. and with it, we all can live on. please, familiarize yourselves with the comfort it brings. there is nothing to fear,& nothing bad associated.

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