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The Opening Ceremony of London 2012 Olympic Games was a spectacular affair certain to be remembered for years to come. From poignant tributes to Armed Forces, to British humour at its best, the ceremony was lauded all over the world. Arguably the most memorable event was, however, Queen Elizabeth’s acting début as a “Bond Girl”.

As the film began, many expected the Queen to be portrayed by a double, yet when Agent 007 entered the Buckingham Palace, he was greeted – to the surprise and delight of everyone – by the very real and authentic Queen Elizabeth (and her two adorable corgis).

Escorted by James Bond (played by Daniel Craig), the Queen then took a helicopter ride over a cheering London. And when an identical helicopter showed over the stadium it suggested, as BBC put it, a Royal arrival unlike any other.

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The best bit came shortly afterwards, when 86-year-old Monarch was shown apparently leaping out from the helicopter with a Union Jack parachute, to loud cheers and gasps of onlookers. Moments later, Her Majesty appeared in the stadium wearing exactly the same outfit as for the short film. Of course, the parachute jump was performed by a stunt double – which didn’t take anything from the sheer brilliancy of the idea at all.

That particular segment of the opening ceremony was quite unforgettable and in the worlds of a Scottish soldier serving at the Olympics: “The queen was the star of the show – she was bloody wonderful. She was the best bit. I think it shows the people another side to her. I think the people love her but since the Jubilee and after this a lot of people see just what a wonderful queen she is.”

A wonderful display of sense of humour, Ma’am. And one that was appreciated all over the world. If I may add, it was a thoroughly enjoyable opening ceremony that, for me personally, will be remembered as one of the greatest ever: British history, traditions, quirkiness, humour and self-depreciation at its best.

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4 Responses to The Name’s Elizabeth, Queen Elizabeth

  1. Dilip Ghose says:

    Her Majesty was excellent. A wonderful display of sense of humour at the The Opening Ceremony of London 2012 Olympic Games, which itself was an awesome event.

    Was great to see the Prince of Wales & the Duchess of Cornwall at the opening ceremony.

    Dilip Ghose

  2. KRC says:

    Her Majesty was quite wonderful, and yes, she now is a “Bond Girl”. Never in my life would I ever think I’d say or write that ! Whoever came up with the idea, it was brilliant.

    The Queen has shown her people over the last 2 months, all her sides and it has melded them together as one. She will go down as one of the most beloved, if not the beloved most monarch in British history. Maybe only her father’s memory will be greater than hers, but even I doubt that.

    The Opening Ceremony was also wonderful as a tribute to the real reason for the growth of the British Empire, and that was on the hard work and backs of the British factory and mill workers. It was their labor that gave Britain the means financially to go out and conquer the world.

  3. ian russell says:

    The Queen is a truly wonderful woman and I must say she never disappoints me ever………I have been a liege man of hers since my school days and will always be her loyal subject till I die…God Bless the Queen, may she live forever.

  4. Bluesgirl says:

    I am still shaking my head in wonder at the Queen’s ‘performance’ during the Opening Ceremony. I always suspected that she had a sense of humour, and now know for certain. Otherwise, why would she have taken the time and effort to film that wonderful, and unlikely sequence. Yes, she is an outstanding person of wit and humanity. She must feel at peace at last with her popularity and wonderful family, which has risen above all past sadnesses and dramas.

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