From the Royal Genealogy threads – July 2012

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This is the monthly blog entry with news from the Royal genealogy threads. This time it’s a blog entry with news from July 2012. As always, a big thank you goes out to the contributors of the Genealogy threads.

Royal births and pregnancies
Prince Pawel and Princess Eloise Radziwill had their fourth child and first daughter, Princess Willow, on 3 July. A sister for Princes Barnaby, Alexei and Felix.

The list of current (known) Royal pregnancies:
– Princess Badiya bint El Hassan of Jordan and Khaled Blair.
– Prince Christian and Princess Lena of Schaumburg-Lippe (1st child)
– Hereditary Prince Donatus and Hereditary Princess Floria of Hesse, née Countess of Faber-Castell (3rd child)
– Prince Antonius and Princess Mathilde of Fürstenberg, née Countess Borromeo (2nd child)
Prince Hamzah bin Al Hussein and Princess Basmah Hamzah of Jordan. (1st child together, second child for Prince Hamzah.)
– Hereditary Count Ignatius and Hereditary Countess Robinia of Toerring-Jettenbach. (5th child)
– Lady Rose and George Gilman. (2nd child)

Royal engagements and weddings
Princess Cecily of Salm-Salm married Ludwig Benecke on 7 July, Crown Prince Tupouto’a of Tonga married the Hon Sinaitakala Fakafanua on 10 July (cival wedding) and 12 July (religious wedding), and Marc Teran d’Antin, the oldest son of Archduchess Michaella of Austria and her former husband Eric Teran d’Antin, married Trisha Johnston on 14 July.

Royal Deaths
Prince Mohammed bin Saud bin Abdul-Aziz of Saudi Arabia died on 8 July.

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3 Responses to From the Royal Genealogy threads – July 2012

  1. “Willow”? How nice that her parents have given up stuffy old things like saints’ names. Back to nature! How long has it been since pagans had a chance against Jesus and His chosen ones?

  2. Maria Edite says:

    Dear Mr. James,
    I shall remind you that children’s names are generally the names chosen by the parents.
    So, what about if they choose John or Michael? Better than Autumn (and Spring, and Winter and Fall), or better than Isle (the island of Adventures?)?

  3. Geneology is A Very Important Knowledge and are Family Trees. This is Good. To Know A Historical Backround.

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