The Queen to Give William and Kate a Cottage at Sandringham

  June 26, 2012 at 8:35 pm by

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Prince William received many presents for his milestone 30th birthday, including a portrait of his wife and a sea ride. However, quite possibly the biggest present came from his grandmother, the Queen.

According to reports, Her Majesty plans to give the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge a cottage on her Sandringham estate; at the moment, it is not known which of the many cottages Queen Elizabeth intends to present her grandson with. However, preparations are already on the way and it is expected the cottage will be ready to be occupied by the couple next year.

Among the possibilities is the York Cottage, currently used as an Estate Office for Sandringham House. The cottage was built by Edward VII and was the first home for the Duke and Duchess of York (later George V and Queen Mary) after their marriage in 1893. George V was particularly fond of the cottage and once said it was “the place I love better than anywhere in the world”. Another Duke of York (future George VI) was born there in 1895.

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One Response to The Queen to Give William and Kate a Cottage at Sandringham

  1. Lady Daphne says:

    Gosh!!! What a treat to be a Duke or 30-yr mortgages to put up with!!

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