Prince William Qualifies as RAF Search and Rescue Captain

  June 7, 2012 at 1:12 pm by

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Clarence House spokesman today confirmed that Prince William has qualified as a search and rescue captain. According to the spokesman, the Prince passed his tests on 29 May and is “pleased to have passed the milestone”.

Prince William has spoken about the day he’d become a Caption: “The training has been challenging, but I have enjoyed it immensely. I absolutely love flying, so it will be an honour to serve operationally with the Search and Rescue Force.”

The Duke of Cambridge, who turns 30 on June 21, serves with No 22 Squadron at RAF Valley in Anglesey, Wales. Until qualifying as a pilot, he had been serving as a co-pilot. Now, however, he will command search and rescue operations in Royal Air Force Sea King helicopters.

In order to achieve the qualification, Prince William had to complete two days of ground and air-based tests, followed by two years of flying experience as a co-pilot. As part of his training, he took part in a variety of simulated situations, including airborne searches for vessels and missing people, while fighting with fire hazards.

Officer Commanding 22 Squadron, Wing Commander Mark Dunlop, said: “Flt Lt Wales demonstrated the required standards needed for the award of Operation Captaincy. Due to the nature of search-and-rescue operations, the required standards are always set at a very high level. Operational captaincy carries the overarching responsibility for the safety of the aircraft, its crew and any casualties.” According to the Ministry of Defence, the Prince’s tests had been carried out in the normal timescale.

Earlier this year, Prince William’s routine posting on the Falkland Islands proved controversial; the Argentinian Government protested the posting, which was made in the run up to the 30th anniversary of the Falklands Conflict, and accused the British Government of using the Prince’s presence to further inflame tensions between the two countries. Many Argentinians took to streets protesting William’s deployment on the Falkland Islands,  with some burning British flags and the Duke of Cambridge’s pictures.

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4 Responses to Prince William Qualifies as RAF Search and Rescue Captain

  1. Now, if we could only get HRH Charles to abdicate (in advance of any need to do so), the monarchy would be on a firm footing for another generation, at least. I shall never forget the look of sheer terror on the faces of Charles and Camilla, as a mob attacked their car saying: “Off with their heads!” It was Paris, 1793, revisited.

  2. Artemisia says:

    I think the Monarchy is in more than save hands with Prince Charles. He is easily the best-prepared Prince of Wales in history, and I think you’ll find opinions of him have changed in recent years and are much more favourable. As for the London unrest incident, I will never forget how a mob chose to attack an elderly couple with no provocation either. If that the people who oppose Prince Charles, I daresay that’s another point in his favour.

  3. He wil be very Bright like His Highness Prince Charles
    as even he is Looking Lovely
    Faithfull regards

  4. fossil says:

    He’s a handsome prince.

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