Letizia’s Fashion Choices Shine on US Tour

  March 19, 2009 at 11:38 pm by

Visits to foreign countries usually means that Royals bring out their best outfits for the occasion and Princess Letizia’s recent 3 day visit with her husband to New York and Washington was no different. Although only a brief visit to promote economic relations between the US and Spain, their schedule was packed with numerous engagements.
On Monday 16th March, the couple first visited the New York Public Library where Letizia stood out in a striking red suit with a delicate chiffon top (image 1). Later in the afternoon, Letizia changed into a simple dress in a beautiful raspberry colour (image 2). Vibrant colours work extremely well on the petite princess making her stand out in the crowd. That evening Letizia choose to wear a lace cocktail dress which she has first worn at the 2008 Prince of Asturias Awards. The dress was set off perfectly with her in soft curls and also wearing her favourite diamond earrings from her wedding (image 3).
The following day Letizia wore a new outfit of a simple silk brown dress and jacket (image 4). The final day of engagements saw the royal couple move to Washington where the princess wore one of her trademark white trouser suits (image 5). Princess Letizia’s fashion choices in the US were a great success and she showed once again that red and white are her best colours. It has been 4 years since the royal couple had made a visit to America and this visit was the perfect opportunity to show how more polished and professional she has become since their wedding.
More information and pictures of the royal couple in the US can be found at this thread.

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