Princess Mary At Prize Ceremony, New Portraits of Queen

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Crown Princess Mary yesterday was present for the awards ceremony of the ‘Little Brother’ prize of the Children’s Aid Foundation. She is the patron of the foundation.

View the full gallery at Kongehuset

The ceremony took place at the Copenhagen Town Hall, where Niklas Matthiassen and Birger Steen Hansen were presented with the 2012 edition of the prize. Mr Matthiassen was awarded the ‘Little Brother’ prize for his work with physically and mentally disabled children through a Ballerup football club; while Mr Hansen received the award for his commitment to children who use the Strandbo in Fjellerup.

Princess Mary listened to speeches from people who have been assisted by the Foundation, before posing with the prize winners for photos.

View the full image at Kongehuset

Fllowing the conclusion of the awards ceremony, the guests headed on to a quick reception where they were served the Town Hall’s famous pancakes.

The Danish Royal Court today also released a new series of portraits of Queen Margrethe II and Prince Henrik. The portraits were taken by Jacob Jørgensen, founder of JJ-Film, the father of Countess Alexandra’s husband Martin.

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2 Responses to Princess Mary At Prize Ceremony, New Portraits of Queen

  1. Archie1954 says:

    It seems to show a certain lack of respect for royalty to meet the Crown Princess and be dressed in used blue jeans. Isn’t protocol also comprised of common sense?


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