Final Day in Scandinavia for Charles and Camilla

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The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall have spent their last day in Scandinavia, and have returned to England.

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Prince Charles was accompanied in the morning by Crown Prince Frederik and the Mayor of Copenhagen, Frank Jensen, as he visited Gyldenrisparke in Amager. Hundreds of locals turned out to see the royals during their walking tour of the area, Prince Charles joking with some, “Is this the queue for ice-cream?” In Gyldenrisparke, the two Princes visited a carbon-neutral kindergarden and a nursing home. They also got a chance to play some Danish pin billiards (no word on who was the winner though).

The two men, who are both involved with climate change and environmental issues, then took a tour of the Avedøre Power Station, south of Copenhagen. Charles and Frederik were met by staff, who informed them of the way the power station runs and how they are aiming to improve sustainable energy practices, including their use of a biomass power generator.

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Meanwhile, the Duchess of Cornwall and Crown Princess Mary were visiting the set of The Killing. The Duchess was the one who requested the event be placed on the program, as she is a large fan of the hit television series starting Sofie Gråbøl, who met Denmark’s visitors the night before at Amalienborg. Camilla was presented with the series’ trademark knitted jumper as a souvenier of her visit. “It’s fantastic!” the Duchess exclaimed when presented with the jumper.

It was then on to the Center for Clinical and Basic Research in Ballerup, which focuses on osteoporosis. Camilla and Mary were told about current trials being conducted at the centre which may have benefits for those who suffer from osteoporosis.

Yesterday afternoon, Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla paid a visit to the VIA University College in Horsens, where the students brought out a large contingent to greet their royal visitors – packing the balconies and staircases in the main area of the college. The Prince and the Duchess were shown a display of innovative technology, in which they got to look inside a Danish electric car.

The final engagement of the Scandinavian Jubilee Tour was a visit to the  Barritskov organic farm, where the couple were shown around the farm’s organic vegetable packing factory.

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3 Responses to Final Day in Scandinavia for Charles and Camilla


  2. nancy staub says:

    You are using the Duchess of Cornwall’s title icorrectly…..she is Camilla, Duchess of Cornwell….NOT Duchess Camilla. For heavens sake, get it right!

  3. JessRulz says:

    @ Nancy Staub,

    Technically Camilla’s correct title is ‘The Duchess of Cornwall’. Not Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall which would indicate that she is either divorced or a dowager.

    I used ‘Duchess Camilla’ only once, as I do not like it when other reports say ‘Prince Charles and Camilla’.

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