Swedes Prepare for ‘Imminent’ Royal Birth

  February 20, 2012 at 8:15 pm by

With the birth of the future heir to the Swedish throne expected – and we quote grandmother-to-be Queen Silvia on this – any day now, the Swedish media has gone into overdrive in preparation for the royal birth.

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Each day there are new reports on the upcoming birth of Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel’s first child, some more credible than others (more on the helicopter landing below). What we do know, is that the Karolinska University Hospital has been prepping their car park since late last week, blocking off areas to make space for media crews in the aftermath of the birth. Yet neither the hospital nor the Royal Court will confirm where the birth will be taking place.

Then on Sunday February 19th, half a dozen police officers descended upon Karolinska, insecpting the ambulance routes to create necessary road blocks. Karolinska is a short distance from the Crown Princess Couple’s residence, Haga Palace, and is likely to be the place of the royal birth unless the Crown Princess chooses to give birth at home.

And one of the least credible news reports came earlier today, with reports that a helicopter had landed in the gardens of Haga Palace. The Royal Court denied that the helicopter had anything to do with the impending birth, which Expressen took as a confirmation that a helicopter had indeed landed at the Palace. The whole helicopter landing was later denied by the Court, who said, “No, a helicopter has not landed at Haga Palace, or in the immediate vicinity of Haga Palace.”

As for the mother-to-be herself? Well, Victoria is still schedueled to attend a luncheon at the Royal Palace of Stockholm for outgoing Finnish President Tarja Hallonen tomorrow, February 21st.

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  1. MissByrd says:

    I just read on The Royal Correspondent that the Swedish government has confirmed that Crown Princess Victoria is in labor.

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