Confirmed: Swedish Princess Living with Boyfriend

  February 20, 2012 at 7:15 am by

The Swedish Royal Court’s spokesperson, Bertil Ternert, has confirmed that Princess Madeleine is living with her boyfriend of one year, Chris O’Neill.

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Apparently, the couple have been living together since November. “They have lived at the same address for a long time,” Mr Ternert told Aftonbladet. Mr O’Neill’s town house is in the East Village, and Princess Madeleine has been spotted numerous times walking around the area.

Princess Madeleine and Mr O’Neill’s romance was made public in January 2011 when they were filmed together at the Boathouse restaurant in New York City.

In previous instances, such information would not have been confirmed by the Court unless the couple was engaged or planning to get engaged. However, since the appointment of Mr Tennert as spokesperson at the beginning of 2011, the Court has been commenting on the private lives of King Carl XVI Gustaf’s two youngest children – including comments on their relationships. Much has been made of the comments made in relation to Prince Carl Philip’s relationship with Sofia Hellqvist, with many believing that until an engagement is announced, the Court should not speak of the family’s private lives.

TRF Blog Sound-Off: Should the Royal Court be discussing the private lives of Prince Carl Philip and Princess Madeleine with the media? Let us know what you think!

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11 Responses to Confirmed: Swedish Princess Living with Boyfriend

  1. sarah phillip says:

    So sad to see the fruitless behavior of monarchy .Taken in by trashy men and women of workingclass blood …They don’t even grasp the meaning of royal.I guess they want a nonroyal line of workingclass people to rule their brain cells…They are cowards…..stop wasting time and money on a reason to run from your bloodlines.And marry the correct birth of monarchy hiers to the royal house.Or there is the workingclass life you can live.Those are the options of monarchy rights to do,with no benefits (pomp and pagentry to the workingclass mates )They need to prove to themselves how they will makeit without the royal crown….

  2. Tamas Kovacs says:

    Well, if the Prince and Princess agree to that then yes. But otherwise no. But I think that such a thing should be confirmed because it is quite an important matter. And otherwise the media would be speculating about it 24 hour a day. And ‘hope not’ but they might make things up like ‘they are living together in secret’ and things like that. Finally I just want to say that I absoulutely adore Princess Madeleine. She is such and intelligent and kind hearted person. I felt so sad for her when that f***** ex-fianceé of hers cheated on her. What a stupid man he is !

  3. bella.monaco says:

    Yes and no. Yes, because they are royalty and we find them fastinating. No, because We don’t want to know when they went to the restroom at a public place and what they eat at a restuarnt.

  4. Brad says:

    The spokesman is just heading off the salacious press turning these stories into breathless gossip. They mater-of-fact confirm the issue and everyone can move on. Otherwise the press would just go on and on and on like a bunch of back-fence harridans acting like they are so pure in their judgement. This is 2012. It’s healthy for people to live together to see if their relationship will be one they can take to the marriage altar. Otherwise you have disasters like the Prince of Wales and Diana, Princess of Wales marriage.

  5. violette kogut says:

    I am amuse at all the stories about the Royals, they do not exist anymore ,in every royal family at the moment all we see are ordinary ladies and gentlement marring either the princess or the prince ….
    Be it in England ,Sweden Norway,Denmark,Monaco ,Luxembourg,Spain ,every one of these countries has or had such marriage ,some with children from a former boyfriend….other with divorcee….
    Please ,spare us the royal wedding in white dresse which has no meaning any longer ,it’s Hollywood on a grant scale.
    I wonder if you will have the courage to print my lcomment.

  6. pleasance warren says:

    Princess Madeleine’s private life should be kept private.

  7. Baer Hanusz-Rajkowski says:

    I read a posting on this thread that I found personally offensive and I felt compelled to express myself on what is perceived to be royal responsibility when confronted with the “House of Love.” I read the Forum Rules to be sure that I will not be breaking any rules with this posting, and I have REALLY thought this out to make my words productive and without hostility or further offense.
    To say that (even modern) Royals who marry outside of Royalty will have only working class lives and contribute to dead, working class brain cells is highly insensitive and incredibly naïve. I happen to be a cousin of Elizabeth II, and I am descended from nearly every living and “extinct” royal house in Europe (that is what you get when you only inter-marry with other European Royal Houses). I am directly descended from the likes of William I (the Conqueror), Emperors such as Charlemagne, and four (royal) Catholic Saints. I have no royal title and no palace, so does that make me inferior or brain-dead? That is the assertion. I am very proud of my royal heritage, and yes, I do work (although far from “working class.) My family’s post-royal decent includes two Mayflower passengers and many historic American figures. Forfeiting a royal tile for your children for love does not stop a person (or his/her descendants) from being major contributors to society. We need to remember that being born into a royal house does not automatically make us any better than the next person. And if the Princess loves a commoner and she is happy, that is all that should matter. Who are we to judge?

  8. Daphne says:

    I think the palace should remain discreet about these matters. An explanation is not necessary unless the press completely distsorts matters.

  9. Colin says:

    Quite frankly the press should butt out of the private lives of the Swedish Royal Family

  10. Archie1954 says:

    There is always a middle way. Some things are more important and worthy of public disclosure than others. The trick is to know which ones. Surely years of royal practice will answer the dilemma.

  11. sarah phillip says:

    when are we going to start seeing the royal hiers marry monarchy instead of workingclass women and men ,telling them they are bad monarchy because they didn’t suffer like their workingclass life.Bull ,when are the royal parent going to stop disobey royal laws when their children marry workingclass.They married consort .They are never titled and shouldn’t.Workingclass need to stop looking for a monarchy to shack up or/ and layup on .To elude the perfect mate.By brow beating the the monarchy hiers with fausle hopes of love and loyalty..Thier cowards to use the i’m better than you,so i’ll beat you up with guilt to mary me,so i can be king and or princess.Which is not allowed.Only monarchy birth or full decendent to the crown….

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