Emperor Akihito’s Heart Surgery Successful

  February 19, 2012 at 5:30 am by

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The Imperial Household Agency has reported that Emperor Akihito is recovering well from his heart bypass operation yesterday, Saturday February 18th.

“As far as operations go, it probably could not have proceeded any better,” Doctor Minoru Ono said during a press conference following the operation’s completion at the University of Tokyo Hospital. Doctors from the Juntendo University Hospital also assisted in the operation, in which doctors used a blood vessel from the Emperor’s body to repair the blocked artery.

Doctors said that the Emperor is expected to start his rehabilitation mid-week, and should be able to return home in approximately two to three weeks, barring any complications. Doctor Ono reported that the Emperor was in good spirits, and enjoyed the visit of his wife, Empress Michiko, and daughter, Sayako Kuroda (formerly Princess Nori).

The Emperor, who turned seventy-eight in December, had to undergo heart surgery after an angiogram performed last weekend revealed the narrowing of two branches of his left coronary artery. His health has been an issue for the past decade, after he suffered from prostate cancer in 2003. Ailments in the following years include pneumonia and stomach bleeds.

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2 Responses to Emperor Akihito’s Heart Surgery Successful

  1. tounarti saloua says:

    may allah god take care of the health of emperor akihito

  2. Stafford says:

    May God Bless you and Give good health for the Years to come

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