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Several royals have been seen in red these days at different events. Red is not such an easy color for many to pull off, but some royals do pull it off very well. Let’s not forget that the color red is one of Fall 2011’s “It” colors.

Princess Eugenie was spotted at a party in a red dress with a silver sequined gilet (see here) while her sister Princess Beatrice was seen a month later attending a fashion show in a classic red long sleeved dress (see here). The Duchess of Cambridge stepped out, in less than two months, in three different red looks: one was a coat from LK Bennet (see here) which she accessorized with a large belt, an evening dress from Beulah London (see here) and a lace cocktail dress from Colette Dinnigan (see here).

Collage from The Royal Forums

Red has been also seen on royals recently in other European countries like Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands. In Denmark, Crown Princess Mary choose to a lovely red Diane von Furstenberg coat (see here) to wear to one of her events, where she toned down the whole look by wearing black. On the other hand, her sister-in-law, Princess Marie – who is in her last months of pregnancy – was seen in a very simple red cocktail dress (see here). In the Netherlands, Crown Princess Maxima was spotted in a cape (yes, a cape), which kind of reminded me of Little Red Riding Hood but nevertheless, she did pull it off well (see here). The Crown Princess of Sweden, Victoria, attended an event wearing a red top matched with black pants (see here).

Each royal has worn their red differently and surprisingly, none of them wore red head-to-toe, many either paired it with black or a neutral color. I do quite like the way many of them wore the color and was glad they didn’t over-do it, as that can look a bit too much.

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