Emperor To Visit Canada and Hawaii in the Summer

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13 Feb 09. It was announced today that Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko will carry out a two-week official tour of Canada and Hawaii in July. The trip is intended to foster international cooperation and friendship.

After arriving in Ottawa on 3 July, the Emperor and Empress will begin their official tour on 6 July, covering Toronto, Victoria, and Vancouver.

On 14 July the imperial couple will fly to Hawaii, where they will visit Oaho and the large island. This trip will not include a visit to Pearl Harbor.

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3 Responses to Emperor To Visit Canada and Hawaii in the Summer

  1. ChiaraC says:

    Well, it is a pity but I cannot say that I am surprised… The same picture as in 1994, courageous plans to visit Pearl Harbour that are, at first, doubted and then, finally, overthrown by Japanese right wing groups behind the scenes who fear “political exploitation” of the emperor.

    I am sure he himself does not share their fears. When they sent him to China and the government strictly forbade him to apologize for Japanese war crimes he still found a way to work around it and said that he was “deeply grieved” about the past. And the Chinese people understood him.

    The Japanese should be proud of their peace-loving emperor and should support him and let not old-fashioned war-lovers stop him.

    Support His Majesty the Emperor!

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