Grand Duke Henri Changes Succession

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Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg has changed the families succession law in September 2010. This was officially announced on June 20 this year.

Before the change in the law, a female member of the family could only succeed if there were no surviving male members of the family in male-line who were unmarried or who married with permission. Starting with the descendants of the current Grand Duke, man and woman have equal rights to the throne of Luxembourg, making the only daughter of the Grand Duke, Princess Alexandra, third in line to the Grand Ducal Throne.

The first 5 places in (the new) succession to the Grand Ducal throne of Luxembourg:
1. Prince Guillaume, Hereditary Duke of Luxembourg, oldest child of  Grand Duke Henri
2. Prince Félix, second son of  Grand Duke Henri
Skipping Prince Louis, third son of Grand Duke Henri, who gave up his rights to the throne, and his descendants
3. Princess Alexandra, only daughter of  Grand Duke Henri
4. Prince Sébastian, youngest son of  Grand Duke Henri
Skipping Prince Jean, brother of Grand Duke Henri, who gave up his rights to the throne, and his descendants
5. Prince Guillaume, brother of  Grand Duke Henri

More information can be found in the thread:

Change of Sucession for the Grand Duchy; June 2011

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  1. Susan Harvey says:

    Why did Prince Louis give up his right to the throne??

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