Mixed Reports About Jordan’s King Being Attacked

  June 16, 2011 at 3:12 am by

A few days ago, reports surfaced the net that King Abdullah II of Jordan was left unharmed after a young group of men attacked his motorcade with stones and empty bottles during his visit to the southern city of Tafileh. Other reports said that the King had a very warm welcoming to the town.

Government spokesman Taher Edwan called the reports “totally baseless” after reports were online. “There was no attack whatsoever with empty bottles and stones,” he said. “What happened is that a group of young Jordanians thronged the monarch’s motorcade to shake hands with him.” He said when police “pushed them away, there was a lot of shoving.”

King Abdullah’s visit to the town was to check on infrastructure projects and met with locals.

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2 Responses to Mixed Reports About Jordan’s King Being Attacked

  1. kitty hogan says:

    Will the arab spring hit jordan? king and queen live royally while their people are refugees

  2. Laila says:

    Our King’s car was not attacked, the people of Jordan loves their king they just wanted to shake his hand and to see him .In jordan its different than other countries that attack their presidents we love our king & wherever our Majesty goes people in thousands rush to see him to shake hands with him to show him how much they love him.

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