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On May 30, Princess Maxima was in the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam to attend the conference about “Impact Investing”.
Crown Princess Maxima speech in her capacity as Special Advocate for Inclusive Finance for Development by the Secretary-General of the United Nations.

“Impact Investing” is investing in companies and projects with social and enviromental objective. The conference is being organized by SOCAP/Europe. Princess Maxima delivered the keynote address at the first conference in Europe of the SOCAP. Impact Investing is new movement of capital that is aimed towards investing in businesses and efforts that work towards solving global problems.

Princess Maxima in September 2009 was appointed Special Advocate of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-Moon.

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On May 31, Crown Princess Maxima was is Ureterp.
The Princess attended the creation of the 50th Foundation Present. Present Foundation is dedicated to people who want to offer help and people who need help.

The Present Foundation is part of the Orange Fund Growth Pragram. Princess Maxima met the volunteers and helped them to serving the pancakes. The voluntary action complements the work of professionals. The Present Foundation volunteers come from churches, neighborhood and friends group.

The Prince of Orange and the Princess Maxima are patrons of the Orange Fund.

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On June 1st Crown Princess Maxima was in Rotterdam.
The Princess was there to attend the presentation of the first Nibud Money Diplomas for the students of the 8th grade of the the Kralingsche school. The students have followed the financial education of the Nibud ( National Institute of Budget Information). The students of the Kralingsche school are the first in Netherlands who passed the exam.

The pupills learned the consequence of borrowing money and how to deal with the money.
The 24 graduated students have been congratulated by Princess Maxima.

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