Princess Maxima at Work after her 40th Birthday

  May 20, 2011 at 4:35 pm by

On May 18, the day after her 40th birthday, Princess Maxima was back at work. Princess Maxima was in IJmuiden to be present at the Money Matters parade.

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The parade is a traveling interactive exhibition for young and old financial awareness, on how to manage money. The Princess played with a group of children from elementary with a game made to make the children aware about the financial risk. The parade started on May 3 and will end on June 6.

At the end of the visit, Princess Maxima talked with the representatives from the municipality of Velsen and the Ministry of Social Affair and Employment. Princess Maxima visit the project as part of its Honorary Chair of CentiQ.

On May 20, Princess Maxima was in Rotterdam. The Princess visited the Buurtlab Foundation. Buurtlab is focused on children between 7 and 12 years to introduce them to everything that grows and flourishes in the neighborhood.

The Buurtlab Foundation partecipates in the Orange Fund Growth Program. In this Foundation the children are involved in many activities like grow vegetables, fruit, flowers and also how to work in a small garden.

Princess Maxima talked with promoters and board members about how the Foundations works and its future. Later, the Princess along with the children,visited the gardens and the children explained to Princess Maxima what they learned. The Prince of Orange and Princess Maxima are patrons of the Orange Fund.

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