Queen Margrethe Shines in Pink During State Visit

  May 16, 2011 at 12:53 am by

As a two-day State Visit from South Korea started, Denmark’s Queen Margrethe decided to wear pink and only pink. During the welcome ceremony, Queen Margrethe wore a pink suit matched with a pink hat see here.

Collage thanks to Her_Majesty

Later on that night, Queen Margrethe hosted a dinner banquet for the South Korean President and his wife, where she wore a pink evening gown see here. One could say she looked like a Barbie doll, since it was quite pink for her someone her age, but others could argue she looked quite elegant.

The following day, Denmark’s Queen attended a return dinner where she wore a very pretty white dress matched with a dark pink jacket see here. Was there a reason for all the pink during the visit or was Spring just in the air?

All three outfits have been recycled previously on different occasions in and out of Denmark, whether it was for official events or incoming/outgoing State Visits. One can not disagree that Denmark’s Queen still looked great it outfits she has worn years ago.

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5 Responses to Queen Margrethe Shines in Pink During State Visit

  1. Anna of Melbourne, Victoria. says:

    Queen Margrethe does indeed look fabulous in all of these outfits.
    She makes wise decisions to recycle her clothes.
    It is much better for the planet, better for the purse and more in keeping with how regular people wear their clothing hundreds of times.
    I also love the fact that she feels totally at ease in wearing clothing many times. It shows that Queen Margrethe’s main objective in life is not to be a fashion plate but to concentrate more sincerely on things of greater importance. She’s a lady of substance. She looks in-depth at crafts, history and the built environment.
    And I love the way Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik enjoy many facets of life; they enjoy such a variety of activities with an array of people – what they wear is quite secondary. Though, I have never seen them dressed inappropriately.

  2. Daniel Ku says:

    Queen Margareth II looks fashionable with those pink dresses.
    I’ll have to admit, she may be old, but she has a spirit of a young woman. She rules!!!

  3. Elizabeth Pease says:

    Danmark’s Queen looks attractive for a woman her age. I think, however, she would have looked better without the hat to go with the pink suit.

  4. Diana Lucia Zotescu says:

    I am a stounch monarchist from Romania (of Northern European origin, the 4th generation born in Romania), who is trying to stay tuned to the lives and activities of the European Royal Families. Being also blond and very fair-skinned, like H.M. the Queen of Denmark, I think She can dress in any colour She pleases – they all look becoming on Her. As for the matter of age Vs. colour in general, I do not think one should wear bleak dark or faded colours just to be “in keeping” with one’s over-forty years of age. Why should one undereline this aspect by adopting a dull outfit? Let’s not forget that Queen Elisabeth II of England (who is 85) wears very bold colours…and they all look great on Her. The Danish Queen is still a beautiful lady, and Her outfits are flawless – the way I remember Her at the different Royal Wedding ceremonies.
    Diana Lucia Zotescu

  5. Cindy Widya Japardi says:

    Queen Margaretha II of Denmark wears pink-so classy!

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