Countess Alexandra on the Cover of Costume Magazine

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Click here to see the cover from Costume magazine

Click here to see the cover from Costume magazine

Countess Alexandra appears on the cover of the current issue of Costume magazine, in which she gives her second interview to the magazine; the first was in 2004, when she was still a Princess.

The Countess wore a dress that had been specially designed by Jesper Høvring for the occasion, using 40 metres of fabric and taking three men two weeks to make. It was made of silk flown over from London and cost approximately 100,000DK. When asked how working with the Countess has been Høvring said that it had “…been fantastic. She is superbly beautiful, cordial, obliging and very pleasant to work with.” The inspiration for the dress came firstly from the location in which it was shot, in front of the pantomime theatre in Tivoli, and secondly from his wish to match the Countess’ “class and power of penetration.”

In the interview Alexandra talked about her fantastic relationship with Marie and Joachim, her feelings on having a husband 14 years younger than her and her charities and patronages.

She said that “[Joachim and I]…have never experienced jealousy towards each other. I have always wished him the best and he has always wanted the best. So after we decided not to be together, I am happy that he has found someone who he would like to share life with. And conversely, I can see that he is also happy on my behalf. We talk a lot about Joachim and Marie, they are in our lives and of course, is a part of children’s lives – there are among other things holidays together. But with the children staying with us everyday, it is obviously something else.” Indeed, it is obvious that there is no jealousy on either side; Alexandra and Joachim still run a mutual fund and are even seen out and about with their spouses at events such as concerts, where there is no obligation for them to be together.

Alexandra also said that being married to Martin keeps her young, and that it is a tribute to receive compliments form somebody of that age – although she said that when they look at eachother they don’t even notice the age difference anymore. However, she still cannot bring herself to actually say his age out loud; she said “I do not see my husband as … now I dare not mention how many years he is younger than me, but I know that when we look at each other, he does not see me as the number of years older than him that I am.”

When asked if she will be moving from Denmark, having been born in Hong Kong, but she said now, saying that “we are Danish” and that Denmark and Danish have the best values for her.

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  1. Kiri Anne says:

    That is one of the most amazingly beautiful dresses I’ve seen in my life. Lucky woman!

  2. Alex001 says:

    Hi CrazyCat,
    Thanks for the comment – it’s always nice to receive positive feedback on the blog!

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