Princess Victoria & Prince Daniel Visit Gothenburg

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March 17th;

The Crown Princess and Prince Daniel visited the Gothenburg area. The Crown Princess began her day with a visit to the Foundation for documentation of Bohuslän rock art in the municipality of Lysekil, Prince Daniel by visiting Gunnebo House and Gardens.

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The Crown Princess arrived at the Roe Farm where she received an introduction to the Foundation for the documentation of Bohuslän rock art. The hob “Shoemaker” appeared and the President Lasse Bengtsson told off the hob, then the Crown Princess received the ‘Crown Princess Rock ‘- Lysekil Municipality’s wedding gift. John Ling and Jarl North Bladh from the foundation talked about the petroglyph research and the Crown Princess attempted to do frottage. Frottage is when you rub a tracing paper to a piece of paper lying on a carving.

Prince Daniel started the day visiting Gunnebo House and Gardens. The prince was given a presentation of the castle as well as information about garden rehabilitation. The castle was built as a summer house of John and Catherine Hall and the building shell was erected 1784. Prince Daniel first went on a tour of the area around Gunnebo Castle. The area consists of main building with several wings and adjacent houses. The summer villa was designed by Carl Wilhelm Carlberg and thanks to the fact that all the drawings have been saved, in recent years people have been able to restore parts of the buildings that fell in the first half of the 1800s. At Gunnebo Castle there are also major rehabilitation activities going on, in which the garden is at the centre. The work is led by Emma Naqvi who spoke in a newly constructed carriage barn about the process of getting into nature as an integral part in helping the sick to come back. After the show curator Johanna Lindén showed the Prince around the inside of the castle and talked about the efforts to restore the furniture and fittings to their original state. After a lunch prepared with organic ingredients from the garden there was a short meeting with the press and public waiting outside Gunnebo.

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The prince then visited the sports club foundation Bois. There he was given information about the club and its operations and met the athletes in the club. The basis Bois is a club for anyone who wants to play football and hockey, not just those who can. The association was founded in 1992 by Thor Guttormsen. Prince Daniel saw the clubs premises and met many of the players who gathered outside to sit in on a large group photo.

After the visit to the foundation Bois, the Prince went to visit Gothenburg University Sport School. The sports school is located in the centre of Gothenburg, with its proximity to idrottsgymnasiet Katrinelundsgymnasiet, Ullevi, Sahlgrenska University Park and Chalmers Technical University. The prince saw various examples of how technologically advanced equipment and cutting-edge research can help athletes to achieve more, develop ergonomic tools and easier for older people with balance problems before it was time to cut the ribbon for the new Sports Academy.

The Crown Princess and Prince Daniel ended their day with dinner at the residence of Governor Lars Backstrom and his wife Ann-Christin.

Friday, 18th March;

The Crown Princess and Prince Daniel spent their second day in Gothenburg visiting Growth Days at the Lindholmen Conference Centre.

The day began with the Crown Princess and Prince Daniel each took part in a seminar. The Crown Princess participated in a workshop with Charlotte Holtback Yeter, Isabella Bozdemir, Alix Marbella Jimenez Lucena, Asiya Abdi and Nayneet Kaur Gill on efforts to break the young immigrant women’s double alienation by the organization My Life.

Prince Daniel attended a seminar with Maria Wetterstrand, Tobias Tobé, Mikael Damberg, Erik Ullenhag, Michael Wolf and Dan Sten Olsson on “Close cooperation between politics, business and civil society – who should take the initiative?”

After the opening speech given by Prince Daniel at Growth Days, where he talked about that there can be no growth without confidence, good role models, teachers’ meanings and role of the school. In his speech the prince took off among other things, youth unemployment and integration – “there are important issues. These are difficult questions. These are questions that require a great many perspectives, more angles and great knowledge. All the positive forces must work together ‘. The prince went on to say: “Something I think, or rather know, can mean a lot when it comes to getting young people to want to continue studying or starting a business is having good role models.” Crown Princess listened after the seminar to “The big challenge: to break the cub alienation” and “The threat to growth ‘.

In the afternoon, Crown Princess visited Öckerö and Prince Daniel attended additional seminars at Tillväxdagarna. The host for the Crown Princess on Öckerö was Lennart Olsson, who is chairman of the historical society. Several hundred Öckeröbor greeted Crown Princess wanted and then got the Crown Princess her lunch which consisted of, haddock with boiled potatoes and horseradish sauce. Then came a tour around the old buildings of local historical association. Among other things the Crown Princess tried to bake bread and make Öckerö old church that was built in 1400 and whose dopfot has been used since the district became a Christian.

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