Princess Antoinette of Monaco Passes Away

  March 18, 2011 at 5:23 pm by

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HSH Princess Antoinette of Monaco, Baroness de Massy, died on  March 17, 2011. The funeral will take place on March 24 at 10 a.m.

The Princess was the first child and only daughter of Princess Charlotte and Prince Pierre of Monaco, Duke of Valentinois, born Count Pierre of Polignac, and reached the age of 90 last December.

Princess Antoinette married 3 times, first to Alexandre Noghès,  with whom she has 3 children, all 3 born out of wedlock, she then married Jean-Charles Rey and finally, she married John Gilpin. All 3 of her children are/were married and have children. She lost her younger daughter, Christine, in 1989.

For more information, please visit the thread dedicated to the death of the Princess:
Princess Antoinette has Died – March 18, 2011

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3 Responses to Princess Antoinette of Monaco Passes Away

  1. A sad loss for the Royal House. My condolencies.

  2. AstroHealer says:

    As sad as this loss might seem, I will always remember how this woman made Princess Grace’s life a hell when she had just married and actually needed every help there was. See also the book by Charles Higham & Baron de Massey.
    May God be kind to her.

  3. Count Antonios X. Xanthopoulos of Byzantine Thracean Aenos says:

    Countess Elena and I, would like to pass our deepest condolences for the loss of H.S.H.Princess Antoinette of Monaco. May Lord bless Her soul.

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