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  March 17, 2011 at 7:35 am by

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On March 16th, Crown Princess Maxima was present in Utrecht to take part in the conference “Youth and Money” by the Foundation “Know What Do You Spend”.

During this event, the foundation has presented the results of an extensive study conducted by Motivaction to money types among young people (money mindsets). Princess Maxima received the first copy of the book money mindset. In addition, the Princess took part in one of the workshops.

Princess Maxima, who is very interested in financial education, during the meeting was in conversation with adults and young people about how they deal with money. The chairman of Know What You Spend (WWJB), Marijke Vos, said that she was very proud that Princess Maxima took part to this day. The Foundation “Know What You Spend” was established to provide financial independence among Dutch youth, by developing with young people to develop ideas that can help them with this.

Princess Maxima visited “Youth & Money” as part of her position as Honorary Chair of CentiQ, guide to money matters. In this role she calls attention to financial education and sensible approach to money. CentiQ, guide to money matters is an initiative of the Ministry of Finance and represents over 40 organizations working together to provide consumers ‘Guide to money matters’ it.

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