Princess Victoria & Prince Daniel’s Visit to Malmö

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March 9th;
The Crown Princess and Prince Daniel began their visit with a trip to the Western Harbour, where they watched a presentation on sustainable cities. Western Harbour is known for its environmental technology solutions and has been Malmö’s most visible symbol of the work on sustainable urban development. Malmö’s city architect Ingemar Gråhamn and Daniel Skoog from Environmental guided the Crown Princess and Prince Daniel on a tour through the BO-01 area. The tour went through Dania Park Scaniaparken and Sound Walk.

In the evening, a dinner was held in the city of Malmö at the Turning Torso. Turning Torso is Sweden’s tallest skyscraper with 54 stories, standing at 190 meters. The architect Santiago Calatrava designed the Turning Torso, which consists of nine cubes in total from turning a quarter turn from the bottom up.

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March 10th;
The Crown Princess began her second day in Malmö and went to visit the House of Dreams and YUMP Academy of Rosengard. The House of Dreams has been around since 1990 and conducts cultural activities, mainly in Rosengard, with nearly 35, 000 children, adolescents and adults as participants. Operations are conducted with funds from charities who share the same basic values as House of Dreams. Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel then went on to visit the YUMP Academy, where they received a presentation on its activities. YUMP Academy supports young, preferably from the suburban area of entrepreneurship. A few young talents handpicked for the six months, move from concept to concept and companies which have growth potential. Young people are backed by the legal advisors in Sweden. The Crown Princess Couple then went on to visit the Ekostaden Augustenborg . The Crown Princess was greeted by the Augustenborg school music classes and then went for a walk through the residential area. Ekostaden Augustenborg is a comprehensive effort to make the 1950s the district into a more socially, economically and ecologically sustainable housing. Lunch was then taken at the City Hall.

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The afternoon began with a visit to Malmö Sports Academy (MIA) at the Swedbank Stadion. The Crown Princess was introduced around the MIA, after this Victoria and Daniel were given a tour of Swedbank Stadion in particular the Atleticum (indoor hall for athletics), Baltic training hall and Sports Museum. MIA has the ambition to be the leading center of excellence in sports performance. Young people between 13-19 years are offered a good environment to combine sport and students, through school and sports.The next trip of the day was to the Music Studio RGRA – Movement Street Voice & Face. Behrang Miri talked about activities that can be likened to an alternative youth with a focus on alternative public education – that with hip hop and rap can encourage young people to influence their daily lives. After the visit to RGRA Crown Princess visited the painter Marie-Louise Kold. Marie-Louise Kold processes copper, brass and bronze by including carving or etching of the plate. The afternoon ended with a visit to the gym and athletic club Unity. Unity in Malmo focuses on integration which has meant a lot to society’s development. Unity is a modern martial arts club where the combination between the elite and Berd has made the club into one of the top in most of their sports. In the evening, Governor George Tunhammar held a dinner at the his residence.

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March 11th;
The Crown Princess and Prince Daniel’s third and final day in Malmö saw the pair on a trip to European Spallation Source (ESS), MAX Lab IV and to visit the reconstruction of Ideon Life Science Village. The European Spallation Source (ESS) and MAX Lab IV , will engage in the research for material science, life science and energy. This will generate benefits and added value for Europe. Region Skåne who spoke to the Crown Princess Couple also talked about public health work in Sweden.

The Crown Princess then went on to visit the New Media at Malmö University. Principal Lennart Olausson greeted the pair and Måns Adler discussed the provision of sound and moving images by mobile phone and internet. Malmö University was established in 1998 and to contribute to the development of new media, the university created the centre of education MEDEA Collaborative Media Initiative. The MEDEA develop new services and products, as well as new knowledge. The last agenda item for the Crown Princess was to recieve information on South Swedish Industry and Commerce, Herbert Felix Institute and the Boot Malmo – a business-driven new projects to create jobs in Malmö.

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