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After spending the winter holiday in Lech with the whole family, Princess Maxima is back to her duties. On March 03, Princess Maxima was present in the Laurentius and Elisabeth Cathedral in Rotterdam to attend the awards ceremony of the Best Learning Company and Best Practice 2010 Trainer of the Netherlands. Colo, the association of cooperating centers for vocational education and industry, organizes the annual awards ceremony on behalf of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. Minister M.J. of Bijsterveldt Vliegenthart presented the two awards.

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Burgy Construction from Leiden won Best Learning Company, this award is recognized a training company that positively distinguishes for her training. Adri Schepers won the Prize of Best Practice Trainer Netherlands, this award is for who inspires students through a unique way, encourages and motivates. The winners may be for a year an ambassador for vocational training companies in the present.

In the Netherlands, more than 223,000 accredited training companies offer a daily internship or job training to some 400,000 MBO-ers. The centers are responsible for recruiting and support of these companies.

The next day, March 04, Crown Princess Maxima opened the fourth edition of the Annual WOMEN Inc. Festival in Amsterdam. The Festival 2011 brings the potential of women’s attention and gives stage to variety of speakers who are for change. Under the heading entitled “Increase your chances” on 5 and 6 March the potential of women brought to the attention.

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The festival opens with a lunch where 200 women participate. During lunch instead found three talk shows led by Daphne Bunskoek. During the talk show, women on how they have reached the summit. WOMEN Inc.. is an independent platform that women contacting them and wishes to move using their own strengths and talents. At the same time stimulates WOMEN Inc.. society this talents.

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