Crown Princess Maxima Attended A Meeting

  February 8, 2011 at 11:55 am by

On February 07, Princess Maxima spoke at the network meeting of Women in Financial Services (WIFS) at the Eureko Conference Center in Zeist. WIFS is a network for women executives in the financial sector. The theme of the meeting was sustainability.

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Princess Máxima was invited by WIFS for being a “role model” for other women in the financial sector. The princess in her speech stressed the importance of ‘inclusive finance’ to improve the availability of financial services to a larger group of people. “By financing from banks or insurance, people in developing countries are improving their situations,” said the Princess.

WIFS was founded in September 2009. It is a virtual platform where women can meet and live; a network where they share experiences and pool their knowledge. The ultimate goal is to have more feminine values in the industry. WIFS now has about 750 members.

Twice a year, a thematic network meeting is held where approximately 250 women meet.

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