Crown Princess Maxima visits Mytikas Foundation

  February 6, 2011 at 10:24 am by

On February 2nd, Princess Maxima visited the Mytikas Foundation in The Hague in her role as patron of the Orange Fund.
Mytikas focuses on talent development of young people at risk of falling outside the community, such as teenage mothers, early school leavers and young unemployed. The foundation has developed its own competency-based training developed.

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Mytikas works with young people aged 12 to 24 years. During one year they follow training associated with theater, film and television productions. Young people are offered skills such as perseverance, creativity, flexibility, discipline and results orientation. The training encourages them to get the best out of themselves and to give direction to their future.

Mytikas participates in the growth program of the Orange Fund. Princess Maxima talked to Mytikas Foundation coaches and trains at-risk youth so that they learn to function better in their contribution to society. The Princess spoke with director Blom and his team to coach and guide these young people, why Mytikas successful, and what the major challenges for the organization.

Mytikas wants to introduce her method in the rest of the Netherlands. The Prince of Orange and Princess Maxima are patrons of the Orange Fund.

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