Caroline attends International Feline Show

  February 6, 2011 at 5:44 am by

Princess Caroline of Monaco paid homage to the revered print of the leopard “big cat” last Sunday. Her Royal Highness wore a leopard print dress she bought off the rack from Zara. Her choice of attire was her way of paying quirky homage to the 4th edition of Monaco’s International Feline Show.

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The exposition began Saturday in the Rainier III Auditorium. The Princess awarded the Bastet Trophy to a striking Egyptian “Mau” cat with a gleaming silver tabby coat. This particular breed traces its ancestry to the felines favored even by the Pharoahs. There were at least 20 different breeds, and 435 individual cats in the show.

The exposition was organized by the Association Feline de Monaco, which is affiliated with the World Cat Federation. The Princess is recognized as the High Patroness of the AFM.

We have often seen the Princess enjoying the company of her dogs, but her feline associations have hitherto been unrecognized. Princess Caroline has been the proud mother of a French Bulldog named Romeo, who was her kids’ as well as her own companion for the past decade at least, and other dogs, including a yellow Labrador and a German Shepard. Her “grand-dogs” include Pierre’s Lupo Italiano named Uma, Andrea’s Boston Terrier named Daphne, and Charlotte’s Belgian Shepard, name unknown.

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