Crown Princess Maxima opens a cultural center

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On January 28, Princess Maxima was in Waspik to attend the opening of the new foyer of The Social Cultural Center, “Den Bolder”. Den Bolder is a multifunctional meeting place for residents of the Waspik area.

The renovation has created extra space for more activities such as billiards, music and theater classes, and a greater creative department where both young and old can paint and do crafts. The new foyer will be consider as a living area. In addition to the activities offered, the centre includes a library, a movie theater and a music room.

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Princess Maxima saw the wide variety of activities in Den Bolder demonstrated by members of the working groups and users, who also gave the Princess a tour of the building, where ladies of the local Catholic League of Elders have painted portraits of Maxima.

Den Bolder Association has been working for over 35 years with the people of Waspik. It is responsible for the organization of activities and the management of the building. The purpose of the association is that all age groups have the opportunity to recreate themselves and improve cultural development. Waspik, since 1997, is apart of the Municipality of Waalwijk. The foyer is now renamed as the Princess Maxima Foyer.

The renovation of the foyer is made possible by financial support from the Orange Fund. The Prince of Orange and Princess Maxima are patrons of the fund.

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