Crown Princess Maxima guests on BNN Program

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On January 27, the television show “The National Money Test” aired in the Netherlands, featuring a segment involving Princess Maxima.

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As Honorary Chairman of the platform CentiQ – Guide to Money Matters, she spoke in the studio with host Patrick Lodiers about the problem of young people in debt. Lodiers, in addition with the Princess, also spoke with other experts about debt, expenditure patterns and price consciousness.

“Many people, especially young people, find it difficult to deal with money. They have insufficient understanding about what comes in during a month and what it needs to go towards,” Princess Maxima says. “As a result, they often get into financial difficulty.”

The idea for the Money Test came during a meeting between Maxima and Patrick Lodiers, BNN reports. The show was recorded on January 20.

It is rare for members of the Royal Family to appear on television programs. Princess Laurentien was a guest on The World Keeps Turning in 2000, to talk about a children’s book she had written.


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