Crown Princess Maxima at Professions and Training Fair

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On January 18 in the afternoon, Princess Maxima visited the professions and training fair Spots on Jobs in Breeders Terminal in The Hague.

The fair will be held from Monday 17 to Saturday January 22 and focuses on students in secondary and secondary vocational education in the Hague region. At the fair, students may be informed by educational institutions and companies about their future prospects. Customization is the starting point. Before students visit the fair, they are prepared at school. Based on their interests in a specific business or school, a scholarship program is put together and the student gains a command card.

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The network meetings are intended for, among others, policy makers of municipalities in the district Haaglanden, managers of the schools put on education and training VMBO, politicians and business representatives. Theme is the relationship between education and employment, and the role of the municipalities therein.

Spots on Jobs is an initiative of Spirit4You. This is a partnership between VMBO and MBO in the Hague region. The aim is to in-flow of students and in promoting vocational education, reduce school drop outs and give students the best possible potential.

The princess met the organizers and sponsors of the fair, took part in a network meeting and visited the fair which is currently vmbo-ers from the region were oriented on an appeal.

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