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Well, yes, she has her challenges, as we all do. But sometimes, believe it or not, it really is fantastic to be Charlotte Marie Pomeline! One of those times was Saturday, 4 December 2010. The beautiful Mademoiselle Casiraghi was positively beaming, her eyes full of maniacal laughter, as she stomped around the arena at Le Parc des Expositions of Paris Nord Villepinte, which was all revamped in red and green for the Gucci Masters International Jumping event.

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Oh, the day started off as any other. In fact, after she and her chestnut little-engine-that-could horse, Troy (kindred spirit, anyone?), were eliminated in the first phase of the Prix EADS, there was no reason to expect extraordinary things. To put it bluntly, she might have been feeling… well, a little bummed! There she was, pristine and gorgeous in her one-of-a-kind, made-only-for-her Gucci sportswear. Yet sadly, she might have felt for a moment, after failing to do the “accumulator” test of 1.25-meter fences, that she was unworthy to be the fashion house’s equestrian ambassador.

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Faint heart never won! Charlotte mounted the “grey” (non-horsey types would say white) Tintero for Phase Deux. She once called Tintero her “best horse,” her “number one.” He is a brilliant horse with an easy and confident disposition. He is the opposite of Troy, who often causes himself and Charlotte to be eliminated for refusing to jump (something that may indicate his lack of confidence either in himself or in Charlotte’s ability to guide him properly.) It’s easy enough to see that Tintero loves Charlotte. Just look at the portrait of the pair, shot by Mario Testino for US Vogue‘s September issue, in which horse and rider so lovingly snuggled. Between them, there is a deep trust that is unfortunately absent in Charlotte’s relationship with Troy. Troy and Charlotte simply do not understand each other. But Tintero and Charlotte is another story. And Saturday, which was Day 2 of the Gucci Masters, gave further proof. Like yin and yang. Charlotte and Tintero overtook fence after fence, accumulating points on the way, and even successfully taking the “trick” fence, which is called a “joker.” They finished with 65 points and a time of 50:26, which put them in fourth place!

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After their abysmal performance at last week’s jumping in Brussels (the Audi Masters) Charlotte and Tintero both needed this achievement! And in a way, it was not only theirs, but also a triumph for Gucci, their sponsor. Little wonder that the achievement was headline news on the Gucci Masters website. Gucci’s girl had done good and Gucci wanted us to know it!

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But the goodies didn’t stop there. In the evening, Charlotte couldn’t conceal her excitement at having her “Pro-Am Cup” (from the Global Champions Tour event in Monte-Carlo) reenacted, with the “added emphasis of style” (as she put during the promotional photo op weeks in advance). Charlotte and her “pro” partner, Edwina Alexander, were dressed identically in competition wear, of course, designed by Gucci’s Frida Giannini. For this special occasion, too, they wore stunning red-green-gold silk neckties. Perhaps it was their desire for uniformity that led to Charlotte choosing Troy for this competition, because Edwina’s horse, Kisby, was also a redhead.

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We don’t know the results of the “Style and Competition” challenge because the Gucci Masters webmaster removed them for reasons unknown. We know that the winners of the Cup were Malin Baryard-Johnsson (Swedish pro) and Ekaterina Rybolovleva (Russian “am”). We know that 60% of the winners’ prize was donated to AMADE Mondiale, and that AMADE’s president, Charlotte’s mother, Princess Caroline, received the big symbolic check for 160,000 euros. Several feet behind, Charlotte, atop Troy, looked on proudly while the judges and VIPs ceremoniously presented that check and congratulated the Princess — perhaps for, among other things, having a beautiful and clever daughter?

Was it not a good day to be Charlotte Casiraghi?

No doubt Martina Hingis had a fun time as well. Fulfilling her childhood passion for horses, Hingis participated in the Gucci Masters for a second year. The former tennis champion also participated in Charlotte’s Pro-Am event, joining forces with Brazilian Rodrigo Pessoa.

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