Queen Sonja’s School Award 2010

  December 5, 2010 at 6:07 pm by

This year the Kaupanger school in Sogndal was awarded with the Queen Sonja’s School.
The school was awarded with the price because it developed good training programs for diverse students. The students have trainings in democratic processes and take part in different student councils. They developed and improved the design of classrooms, teaching materials and teaching methods.

Click at the image to read an article at Kongehuset.no

Queen Sonja visited the school on December 2nd. During a ceremony the rector and the student council leader recieved the School Award from the Queen’s hand. After presenting the award the Queen was given a guided tour to learn more abou the school.

The School Award is awarded annually since 2006 and is given to schools with special efforts for social inclusion and equality.The winners of the prizerecieve a diploma, a cash prize and a lithograph by artist Eli Hovdenak.
Read more about the School Award here.

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