Princess Adela encourages women to work in Saudi

  December 1, 2010 at 3:25 am by

Princess Adela bint Abdullah Al Saud, President of the Board of Directors of the Center, opened the Women’s Business Forum “Participation of Women in National Development 2010,” on Sunday and addressed the forum on Monday.

Princess Adela spoke about how women in the Kingdom face many problems because of their traditions. “The participation of women in social development in developing countries is still not clear. Women face many challenges at work because of tradition,”she said. The Princess went on talking about how Saudi women are entering different fields such as engineering and that more women in Saudi are holding higher diplomatic positions abroad like in the United States and Canada.

Princess Adela called on government and private sectors to create more jobs for women and on banks to study more loans to give to women to who want to start their own businesses. “There is urgent need for Saudi Arabia to diversify its activities and to balance economic growth with population growth. With 25 percent of the Saudi society financially helping the other 75 percent, this demonstrates the need for a greater role for women in social development,” she told Arab News. “Women are needed in all fields without any exception, as long as they are qualified. We cannot blame men for isolating women from key jobs and accuse them of standing in women’s way. If women were not qualified enough, no one will support them.”

Princess Adela is the daughter of Saudi’s King Abdullah.

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