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Charlotte Casiraghi was gearing up for the 2010 Gucci Masters equestrian tournament a whole fortnight before its commencement. It begins on Friday, the 3rd of December, and extends through the succeeding Sunday. As last year, the venue is the exposition park in Paris Nord Villepinte.

Early this past week, Charlotte joined the organizers of the glamourous event for its promotional photo shoot with a couch-sitting horse. Charlotte answered questions about her part in the organization. She explained that it was her longtime friend Virginie Couperie-Eiffel (the ex-wife of the actor Julien Clerc and herself a passionate equestrian patroness) who asked Charlotte to conceptualize one of the competitions in the three-day tournament. Virginie, who was accompanied by her boyfriend, actor Charles Berling, so much approved of last summer’s Monaco Pro-Am Cup that was Charlotte’s brainchild, she decided to ask Charlotte to create something for the Gucci Masters as well.

In the interview, Charlotte explained that the “Style et CompĂ©tition” on the 4th of December (scheduled for 17:15) would be slightly different from the Pro-Am Cup. While the structure of two-person team relays would be the same, with the teams also being sponsored by a company, there will be the added “notion of style.” It seems that Charlotte was intentionally vague, cleverly creating a sense of mystery and suspense for the event.

The competition will also raise funds for AMADE — the World Association of Children’s Friends, a humanitarian organization which, as Charlotte pointed out in the interview, her grandmother, the late Princess Grace, founded in 1963 and of which her mother, Princess Caroline, is the current President. Charlotte was finally asked if she would wish to represent her country at the world-class level of the equestrian sport. She said, “Of course” she would love to do that, but she admitted that there is a lot of work she must do beforehand!

Charlotte was onto London in the next days. On Tuesday, she attended iberatum dinner in honour of Sir V.S. Naipaul at the Langham Hotel. On Wednesday, there was an exhibition at her boyfriend Alex Dellal’s gallery, 20 Hoxton Square. The housing charity Shelter was benefited from a special exhibition of work by 52 artists and designers. Hence the title “52 Weeks” for the show. The art, curated by Dellal’s partner Adam Waymouth, was united by the appropriate theme of shelter to highlight Britain’s housing crisis.

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