Infanta Elena opens Horses Show

  November 24, 2010 at 1:09 pm by

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Yesterday November 23th Infanta Elena of Spain attended the inauguration of the International Horse Show (SICAB) in his XX edition of which her royal Highness is Honorary President.

SICAB was established in 1991 in Sevilla as a trade fair to show the purebred Spanish horses to the public in general following the downturn caused by the African Horse Disease epidemic in Spain. It is focused exclusively in purebred Spanish horses, and brings the largest number of these breeds (almost 1.500) than any other horse fair in the world, receiving almost 150.000 visitors per year from all over the world.

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This year SICAB runs from the 23rd – 28th November 2010,  includes a full program of activities, such as show jumping competitions, carriage driving, classic and country dressage, the national livestock breeders’ championship, and a variety of exhibitions and shows held at night.

Infanta Elena visited and exhibition specially organized to mark the XX Anniversary, in which it can be watched all the commemorative posters from the previous editions of Sicab since 1991, afterward she attended the opening performance.

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