Princess Mathilde Attends Celebrations of the Nederlandse Taaluni (Dutch Language Union)

  November 21, 2010 at 12:05 pm by

On November 20, Crown Princess Mathilde was present at the celebrations of the 30th anniversary of the Nederlandse Taaluni (Dutch Language Union), in Brugge. Were invited for the summit: the Netherlands, Flanders, Suriname, Aruba, Netherlands Antilles and South Africa.

The meeting begins on Friday November 19, with an official reception at the town hall of Bruges. Were invited ministers diplomatic representatives, members of the Inter-Parliamentary Commission of the Dutch Language Union (IPC) and the Council for the Dutch Language and Literature (RNTL), representatives of Bruges and some institutions that are committed to the Dutch language.

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Saturday morning, November 20, were discussions between the invited ministers. The Language Union hopes that agreements for cooperation in order to create users and learners of the Dutch around the world even better, for example by the vocabulary to describe varieties of national, literary translation and to promote the study of Dutch promotion.

The Princess was in a celebration for young people on ‘Dutch, World Language “, where young creative with the Dutch language and a platform for this are given suitable. During this youth event was also an interactive website about the Dutch language proposed.

Also the Crown Princess Maxima had to be there but she was invited to the wedding of Prince Carlos de Bourbon de Parme. Princess Mathilde leaving the event said she was very honored for the invitation.

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