Miss Casiraghi adds Public Safety to her roles

  September 13, 2010 at 12:12 am by

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This year Charlotte Casiraghi, older daughter of the Hereditary Princess Caroline of Monaco, has gained two significant stripes of national duty this year. The first was in June, when her new role as Honorary President of the Jumping International de Monte-Carlo gained recognition. Now she has been appointed to the role of Godmother of the Public Safety for the Maritime and Airport Police of Monaco. It was on Tuesday, 7 September.

The Maritime Police of Monaco have marked their fiftieth anniversary. A few moments before the Prince Albert II arrived at the Yacht Club de Monaco, he niece, Charlotte Casiraghi, was on the scene, dressed in a uniform of the Maritime Police to honor her role as the “marraine” (godmother) of the Public Safety. The Prince and Miss Casiraghi went on board La Vigilante to watch a demonstration of a rescue operation, in which two police divers jumped out of a hovering helicopter. Casiraghi also presented a commemorative plaque to the division of Public Safety and the Prince gave them a model of the Vigilante craft, which is a high-speed motorboat.

After this, there was a speech from the director of the Public Safety, André Muhlberger. Also in attendance: Alain van den Corput (commandant of the Maritime Police), Claude Pallanca (director of the Naval Museum), Michel Roger (Minister of State), Jean-François Robillon (president of the National Council), the mayor Georges Marsan, Monseigneur Barsi, colonel Luc Fringant, Commander Tony Varo (fire commander), and Robert Calcagno, (director of the Oceanographical Museum.)

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  1. princedemontreal says:

    Perhaps it would be timely that Prince Albert ennoble the children of his sister ? After all his aunt Antoinette’s children are barons.

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