Royal Couple visited Oppland

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Once a year the Norwegian Royal couple visits one of the 19 Norwegian countries. This year they paid a visit to Oppland, which is one of the only two landlocked counties of Norway.

The couple visited the six municipalties in Valdres. They started with visiting
Bruflat in Etnedal where they watched a program called “The adventurous Valdres” which was based on stories and legends from the valley. Afterwards the King and Queen attended an art exhibition and had a walk in the Etnedal mountains.
After visiting Bruflat the Royal couple continued with visiting Ostre Slidre, where they attended the opening of a new school. They visited one of the teaching rooms and had a look at an art exhibition by Grete Marit Mørk and Sigmund Aarseth.

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A political event was held in Valdres Folk Museum. King Harald laid flowers at the war memorial and took part in adventure tours at the museum. In the evening a dinner was hosted at Valdres Folk Museum.

The next day the Royal couple visited West Slidre and Vang where they met local people, but also characters from fairytales. Students from the local art school were participating in a performance for the King and Queen, where they acted as famous characters from Norwegian fairytales.

Afterwards the Royals visited Vang where they had a stop at Vang stone, a richly decorated rune stone, and visited the Vang yard.
They also visited the library and learned about the everyday-life in Vang.
Later they visited Lisiting Listening church and attended a reception in the evening.

During their last day the Royal couple visited Bagnsmoen and Hedalen in South-Aurdal, where they had a walk, met with local people and children.

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