Frederik and Mary in Washington, DC Day 1

  June 4, 2010 at 2:51 am by

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The Danish Crown Princely Couple has begun their visit to Washington, DC.

Yesterday, June 3rd, Frederik and Mary paid a visit to the John Eaton Elementary School. This primary school was chosen for the visit as it is the Danish Embassy’s “adopted school” of the 2009-2010 American school year, as part of their Embassy Adoption Program. A class of fifth graders had learnt for several months all about Denmark, and also learnt a song and dance which they performed for their visitors. Frederik and Mary also visited a class of pre-schoolers.

Following the school visit, Prince Frederik and Princess Mary went to the Sitar Arts Center, where they watched a performance of Swan Lake before heading to their evening event, the opening of the The Wild Swans exhibition at the Meridian International Centre arranged by the Odense City Museum. As did the exhibition in Mexico which Prince Joachim and Princess Marie attended in March, this exhibition features costumes and various set pieces designed by Queen Margrethe II for The Wild Swans film (this is the first time the Queen’s work has been exhibited in the US).

Prince Frederik and Princess Mary will attend various other events, remaining in Washington, DC until June 7th. Click here to read more about the trip.

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