Prince Kardam Taken to Hospital in ‘Serious Condition’

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Spanish newspaper ‘El Correo Gallego’ reported two days ago that prince Kardam of Bulgaria, eldest son of ex-king Simeon II, was admitted to Conxo Hospital in Galicia, Spain. On January 23rd the prince was taken to the Clinical Hospital of Santiago as he was suffering from a high fever and respiratory problems.

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After treatment prince Kardam was transferred to the Conxo hospital in Galicia. His wife, princess Miriam, is currently staying with the prince, accompanied by a personal assistant. According to the newspaper’s sources, the prince shows no signs of movement in his body, and is connected to – what they describe as – ‘several machines’.

Prince Kardam and princess Miriam were involved in a car accident in August 2008. The prince suffered a serious head injury and stayed in a coma for some time. After this the prince seemed to recover slowly, only a few months ago the couple and their two sons moved to the city of Teo in Galicia, as the prince could receive the best medical care at the center Foltra.

Courtesy: TRF Moderator Paty, in this post.

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2 Responses to Prince Kardam Taken to Hospital in ‘Serious Condition’

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  2. kristina says:

    Zar Simeon is still Zar he is not “An Ex-Zar”. He and his sons will take the title and Bulgaria will have Zar forever because the abdication of his father were not according law for abdication back then. Face the truth folks. Bulgaria have not legitimate govorment now because of it’s past!

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