Prince William’s Visit to Lincolnshire

  January 11, 2010 at 3:45 pm by

Monday was a busy day for Prince William. He was in Lincolnshire for a total of three visits – one to a hospital, another to a school, and then finally the Royal Air Force in Coningsby.

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In the morning, William went to St. Barnabas Hospice with his aunt, Lady Sarah McCorquodale, elder sister to the late Princess Diana and who is the High Sheriff of Lincolnshire. The Prince spent over a hour talking to patients, staff members and volunteers a the Hospice. He even stopped by its art class to meet with more patients, who are suffering from terminal illnesses.

Next, Prince William – this time without his aunt – went to Eresby School to open its Life Skills Centre. Eresby is an institution for children with learning disabilities. It is also the first school in the UK to earn specialist school status in Cognition and Learning.

During his visit, William unveiled a plaque to commemorate his visit. He also met with staff members, the students and their parents. One boy, named Darren Pearty, sat in his lap and gave the future King a big hug.

In the evening, the Prince went to the Royal Air Force base in the area as Honorary Air Commandant.

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  1. gretheann says:

    I live in Spilsby and went to the Eresby Special School and managed to see Prince William as he was leaving. He is certainly a lovely young man and is a credit to his late mother. He gave us all a friendly wave as he left the school – a pity there weren’t more of us to cheer him, but his visit was not widely publicised (presumably for reasons of security.) I am really thrilled to think that I have seen our future king in person, even though, understandably, we could not get very close to him.

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