Japenese Royals Start the New Year With Cheers

  January 5, 2010 at 9:09 pm by

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The Japanese Royal Family marked the new year in several ways. On January 1st the Imperial Household Agency released several family pictures that were taken earlier in December. The pictures show the emperor and the empress, surrounded by their sons Naruhito and Akishino with their families.

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On saturday the Imperial family appeared at the bullet proof balcony of the Imperial Palace in Tokyo, where they were cheered at by a enthausiastic crowd on the occassion of the new year. The emperor and his family made a few appearances a day on the balcony, all of which were announced to the public beforehand.

A day later emperor and empress hosted the new year reception at the Imperial palace in Tokyo where members of the government and the corps diplomatique were received. The attendence of members of the extended Imperial family made it a glittering event. Although crown princess Masako arrived with tiara and in court dress at the palace she was not seen during the public part of the reception.

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