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In 2009, the members of royal family have attended a total of 716 activities, of which 439 took place within Spain and 277 abroad, reports the Household of The King in the annual balance of the royal family official engagements.

According to the report we can conclude that Her Majesty the Queen Sofia is the hardest worker of the family; the 71 year old woman participated in 343 engagements during the past year, while her son the Prince of Asturias participated in 243 activities of which 86 were abroad, in addition Princess Letizia has been present in 213 activities.

The Queen is also the member of the royal family who traveled abroad most, she attended 143 international activities, followed by the King who attended 137 acts abroad, highlighting the 18 trips they made, of which seven were State Visits and five had an official status.

The Prince and Princess of Asturias made five official visits abroad, USA (twices), Colombia, India and Romania. As representative of the Spanish Crown, Prince Felipe attended the inaugurations of the elected presidents of El Salvador (this trip accompanied by the Princess), Panama and Ecuador. Within this visits the Heirs officially opened two central offices of the Instituto Cervantes, and a third in Rabat, Morocco, in November.

The summary also confirms the low institutional profile of the King’s daughters; Infanta Elena was present in 33 engagements representing the Crown and Infanta Critina in a total of 27 acts.

The high point of the family is the official audience. In 2009 a total of 625 audiences took place in Zarzuela Palace, and they received to almost 4,700 persons. Only 248 audiences have informative cover.

Within their trips abroad, they watched a few sports events; King Juan Carlos presided over the final of the King’s cup of football and the final of the UEFA Champions League, the Prince of Asturias attended also last month the final of the tennis Davis Cup, and Infanta Elena attended the final of the Eurobasket-2009.

It is expected that the family increase their activities during next year, as in the first six months of 2010 Spain will be the Presidency-in-turn of the European Union. Time will see!

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