Prince Laurent Kicks Off Music For Life

  December 18, 2009 at 2:56 pm by

As has been a custom for many years now, Belgian radio station Studio Brussel started their annual Christmas programme “Music For Life”, in which people can ask to broadcast any song they want to hear, and they can choose how much they want to pay for it. The money they collect this way is always given to a charity. Three radio presenters stay continuously in a glass house from Friday 18 December, 7 pm till 7 pm on 24 December. These three will broadcast 24 hours a day, until they are “released”.

As a surprise act, Prince Laurent was present at the start of this year’s happening. He asked for “Viva la vida” by Coldplay, apparently one of his favourite groups. He ceremoniously pushed the button for the first song, thus officially starting the broadcast marathon.

This year’s proceeds will be invested in support programmes of the Red Cross to fight malaria.

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