A Trend for the Big Scarf?

  February 18, 2009 at 7:49 pm by

In recent months Princess Letizia has been sporting a new fashion accessory, the scarf. image1 (10th Decmber 2008) Besides her favourite pair of platform shoes, Letizia is rarely without the big scarf either on official engagements or private outings. Renowned for her frequent recycling, Letizia has been using her favourite accessorise to customise and brighten up her wardrobe during the cold winter months. There seem to be two current favourites which she reguarly appears in – a vibrant purple patterned one image2 (28th January 2009) and a two-toned blue one image3 (14th January 2009) Whilst the big scarf may be a favourite, Letizia also has used a number of beautiful silk scarves as well that add colour and creativity to her outfits. image4 (10th October 2008) image5 (28th November 2008).

Letizia's favourite winter accessory

Here are a few other examples of Letizia’s favourite winter accessory (image6, 4th November 2008; image7, 2nd Decmber 2008; image8, 30th January 2009; image9).

But Letizia was the not only Royal to follow the trend of the big scarf in the winter months. Here are a few examples from some of the other Royal ladies sporting eye-catching scarves: Madeleine, Mary, and Victoria.

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